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Pythagora is a dev tool that builds apps from scratch by talking to you
Install VS Code Extension
Development of a SaaS Application
1m 21s
Works with you to break down app specs
1m 21s
Project architecture
Definition of Requirements
1m 42s
Selection of Technologies
1m 42s
Backend architecture
1m 42s
Feature by feature
Creates a plan developed
Frontend development
1m 42s
1m 42s
1m 42s
Task by task
Writing code for each task
1m 21s
Troubleshooter agent talks to you
to understand what's wrong
1m 21s
File by file
Implements the code
1m 21s
Reviewer reviews the code
1m 21s
Pythagora asks you to test the app
1m 21s
Powered by GPT Pilot and GPT-4
Pythagora is a VS Code extension powered by GPT Pilot - one of the most powerful CodeGen tools
Talk to you
When Pythagora needs clarification, a code review, or feedback, it asks you
Write Code
All code is production-ready and modular
Run Code
Pythagora asks you whenever it wants to execute code
Read Errors
Pythagora reads the terminal to catch errors
Identifies bugs, proposes solutions and implements them
Fix its own code
If it makes a mistake, it reviews the code and fixes it
Use version control
Pythagora tracks the entire codebase with git
Coming Soon
Deploy app to cloud
With one click, it can deploy and host your app online
Coming Soon
Write automated tests
To scale your app, Pythagora writes automated tests
Process external docs
Just add your documentation to Pythagora
No Learning Curve
Pythagora doesn't have any documentation. The only thing you need to do is talk to it and it will guide you through the entire process of creating your app. When it gets stuck, it will ask you a question. If she needs more info than what you wrote, it will ask you clarifying questions.
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Code Quality
Production level code quality
Pythagora writes production-ready, modular code so you don't have to worry about maintainability.
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Fast Growth
Junior Developer
to Senior In a Day
Are you a junior developer or still exploring software development? No worries - with Pythagora, you become a senior developer in just one day.
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Easy To Use
Idea To Working App
in 2 Days
Pythagora completely changes the view on software development timelines. With AI, we're able to fundamentally reduce the time it takes to write and debug an app.
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Extension Examples
A big question with all CodeGen tools is how well do they actually work?
Don't take our word for it, see examples of apps that were created with Pythagora
Code Chat
Tool that enables you to talk to your codebase. Just paste in the URL, CodeChat will analyse it with AI and provide a chat interface where you can ask questions about the codebase and it will respond.
Number of files created - 21
Time spent to create this app - 7H
Live Demo
Prompt Lab
A dev tool for testing LLM prompts. You can created, save or load an LLM conversation, generate the response X number of times.
Number of files created - 13
Time spent to create this app - 24H
Live Demo
Star History
A clone of where you paste in Github URLs, it fetches the star count change over time and compares them on a graph with the ability to zoom in and out and save comparisons.
Number of files created - 13
Time spent to create this app - 24H
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