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Leon Ostrez
I've always been passionate about technology, culminating in a Master's degree in computer science. My career has spanned freelancing for tech startups and working as a contractor for Ericsson Nikola Tesla, fueled by my love for problem-solving and programming.

At college, I met Zvonimir, and at Faze Clan as lead engineer, we explored using AI and Machine Learning to craft pixel-perfect websites. Beyond work, I'm an avid board game player, nature enthusiast, and have competed in sailing for seven years. My life is also enriched by my two 1-year-old Croatian Shepherds, Ria and Luna, adding joy and energy to my daily routine.
Senko Rasic
Programmer, builder, entrepreneur. More than two decades in the tech industry, always striving to create products that will be loved by users. Now building the future of developer tools with AI.

Previously founded A Web Whiteboard (acquired by Miro), MusicBox (Spotify for hospitality industry, Croatia, acquired), Naslovnica (Croatian news media aggregator, acquired), API Bakery (project generator SaaS) and WebCamp Zagreb tech conference.
Zvonimir Sabljic
I graduated with a Master's degree in engineering at University of Zagreb after which I ventured into the tech world with big dreams and a knack for solving problems. In 2016, I met Senko on a startup event where he was looking for someone who would lead his side project. I accepted the challenge, and 5 years later, in 2021. after reaching 1.5 MAU, we sold the company to Miro. After the acquisition, I started learning ML with Leon and playing with different ideas.

In 2023. we created our first open-source project for making automated tests autonomous which got early success and quickly reached 1.4k Github stars. After talking to users and looking at how AI is evolving, we decided to build GPT Pilot, which quickly became one of the fastest-growing open-source projects ever. While we worked on the GPT Pilot, Senko was playing with a similar idea, so finally, in October 2023. we decided to join forces and build Pythagora together.